Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Need to Fight Toe-Besity

Your toes look great! Have they lost weight?
Growing up in dance and having worked as a professional dancer and actress for the past decade, I obviously have obsessed over every flaw on my body. I've lived in fear of strappy sandals that may create cankles. I carefully want to angle myself in pictures so that you can't see that my teeth are a bit crooked because I lost my retainer in the sink disposal.
But thank you beauty obsessed culture for giving us yet another part of our body to obsess and worry about: our toes.
Dr. Oliver Zong, a NYC based plastic surgeon, has been performing toe slimming/reshaping surgeries. Apparently many of us suffer from "toe-besity" and we don't have to. Luckily for those hard to exercise toes that just can't shed that extra ounce-there is a crazy surgical answer. Perfect. You no longer have to feel embarrassed bearing your little piggies in your flip flops.
And remember how crazy you thought those step-sisters in Cinderella who willfully cut off a toe to fit the dainty glass slipper were? Well Dr. Hillary Brenner, a podiatric surgeon in New York, told ABC News that several women have come to her wanting to have their pinky toe removed so they could fit smaller shoes. Hmmm....I do have big feet. Maybe I should look into this in case I happen to be one of the lucky women to win Louboutin's Cinderella shoes. If fairytales have taught us anything it's why should we be a fat toed stepsister when with expensive elective surgery you could be a delicate Cinderella. Who cares if you can walk. You won't need to walk when you are whisked off in the arms of your Prince.
I'm glad that we are finally facing the real health problems in this country. It's time we brought this little known problem into the spotlight so we can put an end to tragic toe-besity.

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