Friday, July 6, 2012

If the shoe're still not a Princess

Christian Louboutin-the shoe designer whose shoes cost more than most women's rent for an entire season-has teamed with fantasy pusher Disney and created a version of Cinderella's glass slipper that debuted this week in Paris. It's not made of glass. In fact it's not even really transparent. It's lace, with Swarovski crystals, and butterflies. Now Cinderella talked to lots of animals in this movie-but I don't remember one butterfly. Then I thought maybe the butterfly was a metaphor for change. But no such luck that this designer thought that deep. Louboutin said that the butterflies were there because he imagined "Cinderella tending to her chores and the delicate creature landing on her." Did he even see this movie or ever read the story? The glass slippers were not her peasant work wear to do chores in. She didn't go to the ball to mop the bathroom. She went to meet a prince to get out of her miserable indentured servitude! Anyway, Louboutin's butterfly accents are not the only misguided delusion involved in this modern day fairytale he is forcing upon us. These shoes are not even for sale. You have to have a fairy godmother or crazy luck because only one girl in each country will be gifted one of the 20 limited pairs of these shoes. Why bother? It probably won't even be in your size.
The shoe I think is tacky. It looks like something a drag queen and a glue gun would create for a Halloween costume. The only part I'm interested in seeing is Louboutin in his acting debut in the 10 minute short film "The Magic of the Glass Slipper: A Cinderella Story" which will be a special feature on the Blue-ray release of Disney's Cinderella this fall. I'll obviously just wait til someone posts it on youtube to see Louboutin's undoubted Academy Award-winning turn playing a cobbler creating this masterpiece of foot wear.
In the meantime, I'll have to find other shoes to magically change my life.

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