Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bad Booty Pop Parenting

I was working a gig at a casino recently and at 11:30 at night after I got done with the show I decided to hit up the fitness center where I discovered a fat mom in there using fitness equipment while drinking her beer with her fat kids sitting on the floor next to her. Classy.
Bad parenting is everywhere it seems-or at least the internet is offering fifteen minutes of fame for it. We won't soon forget the tanorexic mom who looked like she was an inhabitant of Planet of the Apes who tried to put her ginger tot in a tanning bed. And recently some mom at a pizza parlor who put some beer in her kid's sippy cup because he asked for it.
Well now we can add this video to the top of that list. Meet six year old rapper Albert Roundtree, Jr.

This is his debut song and video "Booty Pop" in which he continually raps that phrase while standing among full grown women in bikinis shakin the junk in their trunks. Sandwiched on each side of him, it looks like they could crunch Albert's little face as he leers at their jiggling booties inappropriately. And then young Albert jizzes with the most sexual looking water gun I've ever seen while rapping "We can have some fun tonight because we both feeling right." By fun I'd like to assume he means play some video games and make some cookies before his 8pm bedtime, but something tells me this six year old is well on his way to being more sexually knowledgeable than I was my freshman year of college. The video ends with him taking the hand of one of the women who is old enough to be his mother and like a little pimp leads her out of frame. And what do the proud parents have to say? Oh they obviously put him up to this. The producer of the video (who also reveals another one by ARJ is in the works) said that the youngster's parents hope this vid will launch his rapping career leading to a future of fame and fortune. I'm also tragically seeing a future of drug and alcohol abuse, objectification of women leading to abusive relationships, and scandals that would make the Lohan family blush.
Seriously this is the worst! This makes those those parents who dressed their baby like a zebra and put it in front of a freaking lion cage and all the others look as perfect as the Brady Bunch. This is worst than all of those Dance Moms and the terrors on Toddlers and Tiaras. In fact a blogger on Vibe actually almost contacted Child Protection Services about "Booty Pop." They should have. Until we stop rubber necking the train wreck of these fame seeking kids and parents it won't stop. Yep. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye with that pointy penis water gun.

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