Thursday, July 19, 2012

NYC Is On A Diet

Ok Bloomberg.....I supported your efforts to get New Yorkers to put down the Big Gulp and stop consuming too much soda, but I think now you are on a bit of a power trip with this new "Shop Healthy Program" calling for bodegas and supermarkets to reposition their food products so that healthy food options are placed in front of the store, and junk foods are removed from eye level. What's next Bloomberg? You going to banish the hot dog trucks? Stop the fleets of Mr. Softy from filling the summer evening air with their tantalizing tune? Decree that all restaurants serve vegetables to every patron with waiters that stand over you to make sure you eat all of your peas and carrots?
Obesity is a problem. And education and availability of healthy choices are the important solutions. But this policing is getting ridiculous. We are the land of the free. And you are the Mayor of a city that has many problems you may also want to put some of your energy into-like making sure garbage trucks don't hit cars, especially one carrying the precious cargo of Suri Cruise. And what about that Cowboys and Indian showdown in Times Square? Not to mention the general crime and grime plaguing the streets.
I think it's wonderful, Mr. Mayor, that you care so much about your city and it's people that you just want them to be healthy. But forcing a bodega in the Bronx to put fruit in front of the Funions just makes you a fascist food dictator.

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