Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Point for Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton is increasingly becoming a huge role model to me. Maybe she's an acquired taste-like port wine and stinky cheese.
This week, she taught everyone a lesson in diplomacy and class. I'm telling you-she just keeps getting cooler. And look at her voguing in Egypt in this AP photo-with her long, flowing blond hair, stylish, smart green coat, and sunglasses.
So the Secretary of State lands in Egypt only to be greeted by protesters mockingly chanting "Monica! Monica!" and throwing tomatoes at her. Instead of justifying the drama with a response, this class act went about her business showing tomatoes just stain and words will never hurt her. She then responded in a CNN interview saying that there is
"a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in Egypt right now. They’re doing something they’ve never done in 5,000-plus years of history. They’ve had elections, they’ve elected a president, but they still don’t have a government I knew very well there would be a lot of passion and conviction expressed, which I think demonstrates how invested Egyptians are in trying to make sure their democratic transition works out for the benefit of all the Egyptians — men and women, Muslim and Christian, everybody.”
That's right. Instead of firing back, or responding to the unpleasant past of her husband's philanderings, she managed to diffuse a tense situation and turn it all into a compliment for the people who were hurling tomatoes at her, citing their passion and progress!
Well played, Madame Clinton, well played.

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