Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Dress That's Asking For It

Just in time for Valentine's Day.....Finally scientists have put their brains to good use and have created a dress that becomes transparent when the wearer becomes aroused. Excellent. I was waiting for an easy way I could let my date know I was into him. And what better and classy way to lure in a man than to have him sensually eye me during dinner, swoon, and then presto!--there are my nipples revealed during mid-bite of ravioli. And really, who's to say that it wasn't the ravioli that got me all excited.

I'm not even sure what the purpose of designer Daan Roosegaarde's 'Intimacy 2.0' garment is. I mean really, if you are turned on by your date and want to show him that you are looking to get intimate, can't you just take off your dress? How romantic this frock is- "I knew she loved me from the first time her dress went see through." Gross. Really it's not like you'd actually want to wear this Judy Jetson dress out in public. Where would you even wear this? Most dresses now with all the side boob and that cleavage down to the navel don't leave much to the imagination anyway so I guess this is just the natural progression. In the future apparently we'll all be sluttier. Which brings up a concern with a dress like this- those Republicans, who are already confused about rape, will be able to say things like "Her dress showed she was turned on and asking for it. It wasn't rape." And you may not have wanted it. It might just have been amazing ravioli.

Oh and here you can see this dress in action in it's promotional video. Frankly, I think they should fittingly set this to The Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited." 

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