Monday, February 25, 2013

Law and Order: Special Furby Unit

Assault by Furby. A 27 year old woman in Pennsylvania threw the demonic, babbling toy at her live-in boyfriend over an aggressive altercation about a facebook post last week.
I knew the day would come when these Furbys would be at the root of an attack on civilization.
But what I wasn't prepared for was the idea of Furbys taking over Law and Order: SVU. But when googling the headline "Furby attack" for research, I came upon something even more amazing than using a Furby as a weapon. I came upon this fan fiction that submits what may occur if Furbys were to appear with Detective Munch and gang on Law and Order: SVU.
Now I must confess that upon seeing the title of this fan fiction post, I was strangely excited to contemplate all the gross possibilities that could happen involving the mechanical ball of fur as a sexual predator and deviant. Perhaps it is my general belief that these toys are up to no good, or my hours of Law and Order watching that have turned my mind into a sick, dark place. And at first I found myself let down by the banal scene which simply and innocently places the Furbys in the squad room with Benson, Stabler, Munch, and Fin as part of a Christmas charity drive-but things quickly took off on a bizarre twist mostly focusing on Elliot and Olivia flirtations. Oh fan fiction. And of course, this now has me thinking that last week's Furby domestic assault should inspire a Dick Wolfe ripped-from-the-headlines "the Furby made me do it" episode.

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