Monday, February 25, 2013

Get Gallon Smashing

I feel obliged, so you don't embarrass yourselves, to let you know that dancing Gangnam style or doing the Harlem Shake is so yesterday. So immediately stop production on your elaborate dancing viral video fame quest and head to the grocery store because apparently the new thing to do is much simpler. Just toss two gallons of milk into the air and then throw yourself dramatically to the ground.
According to NY Daily News, this fad has a name--"Gallon Smashing," and it was started by pre-teen prankster brothers, Omar, Faysal, and Zayd Khatib. These three stooges made a compilation of themselves wreaking havoc in grocery stores with their over-dramatic falls and splashes that has been viewed over 2 million times in just 10 days of being on youtube--the website that single handedly is fulfilling what was spoke of by the prophet Andy Warhol.
Now, I must admit, this simple America's Funniest Home Videos worthy stunt is tempting. I do have to go to the market later, and what could make a mundane trip to Trader Joe's more exciting than to cause a scene in the produce aisle when I just let that milk go and use my dancing skills to do a choreographed tumble to the floor, landing with my heels up in the air, legs flailing. Maybe a handsome man will rush to my rescue. Maybe I'll get a great lawsuit settlement from the market. But most importantly, I'll be well on my way to youtube fame as a Gallon Smasher. No crying over that spilled milk.

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