Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Broadcasting [Not] Live From the Olympics

NBC is working around the clock to make sure that our Olympic viewing experience is as frustrating as possible. From delays, to spoilers, to their bizarre editing of the tribute to lives lost from terrorism, the network has really done a great job at reminding us that facebook, twitter, and the internet have made live TV and news media as dated as MySpace and telephones with cords.
What is the point of watching the Olympics on tv, NBC? The abundant commercials aren't great. And your commentary, especially by smug Matt Lauer, leaves much to be desired. Gone are the days where you gather with friends to cheer on your favorite athlete and event, eagerly sitting on the edge of your bar seat as they approach the finish line. Now thanks to NBC choosing to put prime events during prime time, in many cases by the time you are watching it, you know the outcome. It takes all the excitement out of the sport watching experience to not have it be live. Just think of the lameness of watching the Superbowl the day after when you already know who wins and what all the major plays will be.
Whether social media/internet or NBC is to blame, save a few moments, the Olympics this year is like a beer left open that's gone flat, sure the alcohol and athletes are still in it, but it's just not as much fizzy fun.

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