Monday, July 23, 2012

A Map of Madonna's Antics

In case you are trying to keep vogue with the Material Girl's borderline behavior-here is a list of locations and the lewd actions she is recently doing to win friends and influence people around the world while on tour:

Tel Aviv, Israel: Slyly stealing Gaga's Gig by morphing "Express Yourself" into "Born This Way"
Istanbul, Turkey: Wrinkly Nipple flashing
Rome, Italy: Pleather Pants Dropping
Paris, France: Stamping a Swastika on Right-wing French party leader Marine Le Pen's forehead in a montage video while also flashing an image of her own face with a Hitler moustache

To be honest, I've been concerned about Madonna since the 53 year old's Superbowl appearance. While she did prove Sally Field correct that Boniva can do wonders for your osteoporosis and allow your bones to hold up so you may be flipped about by strapping young men while still managing to lip sync somewhat believably, it also proved that we have entered a new level of crazy and delusion in the constant chameleon that has been this pop star. Her wobbly-kneed moves looked like she was trying to walk and pelvic thrust at the same time but just couldn't quite coordinate it all. And then she added pom pom waving which is just not fitting for a middle aged woman. Some of the most exciting moments in her set that night were when it looked like Madonna was going to go down on the risers and not be able to get back up.
Madonna at the Superbowl: Help she's fallen and she can't get back up.
I suppose following the Superbowl, Madge learned to focus her performance more on showstopping shockers and flashing rather than her dodgy dance moves and two decade old hits. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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