Friday, July 6, 2012

Don't You Know Who I am?

Perfect. Now finally I can get some respect. British Airways will be launching a new customer service program called "Know Me" according to The Telegraph. This means that British Airways team will google passengers to "put a face to a name" before check in. Essentially they will stalk you and find out everything and anything about you. If they like you, I'm sure you'll get great service-a fluffed pillow, extra peanuts, one of those eye masks. If they don't like what they see, you'll be riding in the back of the plane by the smelly bathroom in a middle seat with every infant on flight screaming around you.
So this is more encouragement for all of us to make sure that we look as awesome as possible on line. I hope they google me and see my imdb page and all about my impressive television appearances including a bedroom scene on Oprah Network and my noteworthy turn as a UFO sighter in a Dateline re-enactment. I'll get all the peanuts.

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