Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wild West Showdown in Times Square

The Naked Cowboy (nee Robert Burck) has been a staple nuisance and tourist attraction in NYC's Times Square everyday for years. But now he is outraged because there's a nekked newbie in town-Naked Indian (nee Adam David.)
Now I don't understand why all the sexy, costumed men just can't get along and pose for cheezey tourist pictures together. (Actually I don't understand why in this 100 degree heat we aren't just all naked.)
But Naked Cowboy complained to the New York Daily News that he's been in Times Square "365 days, every day, for 13 years" and Naked Indian has "only been here 16 days and missed two already.” So if you are so upset he's on your turf Cowboy, why are you complaining that the Indian isn't always there?
Basically, Naked Cowboy wants the Indian to either join his company Naked Cowboy Enterprises or face a lawsuit. He says "I don't lose, I always win."
Them are fightin'words. Looks like we are headed for a hot shirtless showdown in the city. Cue the tumbleweed.

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