Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sub and The Fury

Most people hate their job. The film "Office Space" offered the happy solution to a job that sucks was just to set the building on fire. But going pyro on your place of business is not really a great idea. Though 24 year old Casey James Fury, a civilian painter and sandblaster on a Navy submarine in Maine, did just that. Fury set the sub on fire-not once but on two separate occassions-so that he could get out of work early. Like in "Office Space," he almost got away with it too because the Navy originally were blaming the fire getting started on an industrial vacuum cleaner sucking up a heat source that ignited debris inside. But that sounded too far fetched. So they began investigating. Fury finally admitted, after failing a lie-detector test, that he started the fires that caused about $400 million in damages. He blames his anxiety disorder and says that it was made worse by a tense text-message exchange with his ex-girlfriend. So he took alcohol wipes and set them on fire on the nuclear sub. If convicted, Fury could face life imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000 and be ordered to pay restitution, Navy officials said.
The lesson learned here so you don't end up in a fit of Fury is to try to find a job that you love or at least can tolerate, avoid ex-texting as it will only fill you with rage, put your name on your precious red stapler, and remember that only you can prevent office fires.
I told you I wanted to leave early to go to yoga to deal with my anger issues!

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