Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Bearlebrity is Born on Twitter

This is Meatball aka Glen Bearian. He is a 400 pound black bear who has done something that I and many 110lb starlets can not do-make a name for himself in Tinsel Town. Though he did commit a felony to get attention-kind of like Lindsey Lohan.
After breaking and entering into a home, he was caught eating meatballs out of the freezer. He was then taken miles away, only to resurface on the exact same street days later again rummaging through trash. Aging Winnie the Pooh and Yogi Bear should feel threatened-this bear totally is snagging their stage and using that cute hungry bear shtick they totally did. 
But this attention-craving L.A. bear is a clever one and turned to twitter to save his hide. People have incredibly raised $90,000 to build this bear a habitat on an animal reserve. This is the first positive use I have seen out of the social media sight. Makes me hate twitter a little bit less to see it used for good and not evil.
Click here for the story from CBS news.
This face that launched a thousand tweets is the newest star in Hollywood.

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