Thursday, October 18, 2012

"S" is not for Sexy on Sesame Street

Well thanks to Mittens-Big Bird is hot right now. But if you are thinking of trying to be a hot Big Bird for Halloween, think again.
The Sesame Street Workshop has decided that this Halloween is brought to you by a letter alright- a cease-and-desist letter to costume website for their obvious Big Bird knock-off "Exclusive Yellow dress with Stockings."
Now maybe I'm wrong-but this flapper-esque feathered look is more ridiculous than sexy. Yet the website (where the costume is still listed and available for purchase) describes the the look as
"The three-piece, sexy Big Bird Sesame Street costume includes a textured dress with pink, sheer waist sash, faux flower detail at shoulder, multi ruffle skirt, pink and red striped, stirrup knee highs with bow tops and Big Bird character headband. Learning the ABC’s has never been this sexy.”
I am confident that at Halloween parties this year Big Bird costumes will be as abundant as Sarah Palin costumes back in 2008. And since Halloween has become the time to unleash your inner skank, it should come as no shock that costume designers are working to slut it up. 
Now, if Sexy Big Bird is pulled off the market, don't panic. You can still turn beloved Sesame Street into a red-light district Halloween whore-show with one of these costumes which are sure to strip you of any muppet-loving innocence. Some of the ones below I find profoundly more disturbing than the Big Bird. Have the people at PBS seen these yet? I think more legal action is needed, because seeing these costumes out there will make for the scariest Halloween yet.

And the worst of all..............


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