Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Domestic Disputes

It's debate time! And poor Obama has to spend his 20th wedding anniversary to Michelle with Romney.
The candidates took the stage and the first thing I noticed was that Romney had returned to a normal human flesh color rather than being Mitt-faced orange. So at least I can take him somewhat seriously.
Jim Lehrer is moderating. I always feel bad for the moderator at a presidential debate. Coraling the candidates to stay on topic is like herding kittens. Luckily, this is not Lehrer's first time at the rodeo as this is his 12th time. Though it must be quite awkward for Mitt to have Lehrer of PBS after all his talk about cutting their funding.
Tonight is a domestic dispute. They talked about the economic crisis, healthcare, and taxes. And they did a lot of talking. Most of it very fast and a lot of it questionably factual. (Like is Donald Trump a small business?)
If you were playing a drinking game with this, some great words to have used would have been "cut" and "revenue." They went on a lot about tax issues and Romney did some of his famous flip-flopping on what his tax plan he's been talking about is. I just kept waiting to hear "read my lips no new taxes." Instead I heard that Mittens likes Big Bird. Oh good. I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight knowing that he likes him even though he intends to fire the feathered muppet.
And when healthcare came up, Romney obviously started whining that ObamaCare was a waste of the President's time in office and that it wasn't even bipartisan. I just loved watching the smirking face of each candidate as the other one is talking.
Romney also kept bringing up the 23 million people out of work. I'm confused. I thought he didn't even care about that 47%.
Basically, I don't think this debate would change any voter's mind. And as we got to the closing remarks, I'm exhausted. Also, I'm wishing I had been playing that drinking game with this debate or that new episodes of Honey Boo Boo were still on Wednesday nights.

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