Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Political Work-Out

While everyone spends today fixated on Romney's binders of women, I'd like to back track a bit to discuss another interesting reach by the GOP: Paul Ryan, looking like a Jersey Shore douche, in a work-out photo spread in Time Magazine.

Take a good look ladies and gentleman, that baseball cap wearing dude could be our next in line to the Commander in Chief. He looks like that guy at the gym that you just want to avoid eye contact with. This is worse than when Sarah Palin wore her running shorts on the cover of Newsweek.
What are they trying to show us with images like these? That they are "fit" to run our country? That they are willing to go that extra mile? Do the heavy lifting?
I think it's more that we love to try to relate to our celebrities-just think of those sections in magazines where they show us celebrities "normalling" doing things like shopping at the grocery store, pumping gas, picking their nose. So Paul Ryan posed as a situation in his work-out gear seems a logical choice for candidate marketing. Especially in clinching that coveted vote of gym rats and Jersey girls. But this kind of image is not new. Remember this?
That's Clinton and Gore back in the glorious 90's in their sweaty booty shorts enjoying some post-run McDonald's. They were so cool.
But somehow, Ryan's photo in Time doesn't make me think he is cool or capable. I literally just want to take a shower because I feel slimy. He looks exactly like the kind of guy who has binders full of bitches. He and Romney are a perfect fit.

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