Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finding More Love From Dating Apps

3nder. How to pronounce that name isn't the only thing I am totally confused by.
This is a new cell phone app that, in the vein of Grindr and Tinder, allows you to find sex and relationships in the digital age. 3nder's gimmick is it allows you to find your dream threesome. Whether you are already in a relationship and looking for someone else to join you or if you are single looking to mingle, this app is there for you.
I don't know, maybe I'm just old fashioned. Or old. But I am really uncomfortable with this. I understand and totally support sexual freedom and fantasies (and am not prudishly opposed to a threesome,) but somehow an app like this feels.....well, creepy. But maybe that is unfair and judgey and exactly why there needs to  be an app like this-to, as 3nder says in its marketing, to help people looking for a threesome who are "discriminated from society the same way gay people were 15 years ago."
In all fairness, I am equally creeped out by Grindr and Tinder, and all dating websites.
Love in the time of technology is strange. I am going to stick to using the hot bar at Whole Foods as my prowling grounds. Best singles bar in town. Nothing helps you confirm the sighting of a single man better than seeing him scoop Mac & Cheese into a to go box. And you now know that he likes cheese so you have something in common! And if you are looking to add more to the mix, maybe somebody making a salad is looking to be tossed in. See, who needs these crazy apps?

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