Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Puddles Goes Glitter

It seems near impossible to create something that is both good, unique, and creative. Hundreds of videos are uploaded online everyday and most of them are garbage. But then there are those diamonds in the rough that sparkle even more because of how weirdly wonderful they are. Puddles the Sad Clown's covers of Lorde songs are exactly that-weirdly wonderful. This large clown with a "golden voice" takes Lorde's haunting songs and adds even more soul and a vintage vibe to them. Plus, he's a clown. (No shortage here.) I am so obsessed I have watched this no less than ten times and it is not even 9am yet.

Also, I want to let you know that, thanks to the influence of my friend who hates the word viral ("sounds so sad, so sick"), I have decided that the new term for videos, or anything, that spreads on the internet should be called glitter. Everyone knows glitter spreads everywhere and it just sounds so much more awesome, and less diseased, to be creating a video to go glitter.

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