Monday, July 16, 2012

Look Fair Maidens!

The world does seem to have a shortage of chivalry. Many men don't even open a door for me let alone pay on a date. But in Canada, one man has shined up his armor, jumped on his trusty steed, and set out in a trans-Canadian journey to bring the idea of chivalry back to the crude world.
Vincent Gabriel Kirouac aims to remind people of the "values of long ago such as devotion," he told the National Post. He says he will not fail to "be a knight and be good and be an example."
He is traveling about 2,400 miles from Quebec to British Columbia, seeking the kindness of people along the way to take him and his horse in for the night and feed them.
So basically, he is an unemployed dude, who has a horse instead of a car, and who is couch surfing and mooching off strangers as he travels about dressed in a fantasy role play costume? I'm smitten.
But, alas, Sir Mooch-A-Lot is engaged. The good ones are always taken. I'm sure this trend will catch on and we'll be seeing more and more knights in shining armor. Just be careful, all that glare from the shine can be blinding, you might step in horse poop.

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