Friday, July 6, 2012

Excuse Me, I Have to Doodle

Remember MacPaint?! Who needed color when you had those patterns?
Finally a new social media I can get on board with. is an app and website that is for doodles what twitter is for the 140 character inane, self-promoting babblings that just keep getting celebrities into trouble. brings back the joy of tech doodles that I once felt using MacPaint. That same joy and feeling of accomplishment that I have gotten recently from Draw Something.
 Now I can share my thought for the day or commemorate where I am or what I've done in a masterful little doodle. The doodle heard round the world! Finally a use for all that art training. The artist in all of us can thrive! Alright-perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away. I know that my doodles won't end up priceless works of art. I won't be a doodle-lebrity. But I like the concept of sharing and expressing ourselves through art visually. And by visually, I don't mean a blurred yellow-hued instagram of you doing duck face in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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