Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Words with W From The Afterlife

He had power and fame but now it's all gone. Good thing he has that iPad.
Maybe it's because we have a tendency to romanticize days past. Just like we look back at those high school years fondly, but then quickly say how glad we are we don't have to do it all over again-that's how I found myself feeling while watching a recent Hoover Institute interview with Former President George W. Bush. For a quick second I longed for the days of Bushisms and Will Ferrell portrayals on SNL. Remember when a snack food almost took down the leader of the free world when he choked on a pretzel? Remember his "strategery?" What about his enlightening foreign policy that taught us that "more and more of our imports were coming from over seas?"
I'm not saying I'd want him back. "Fool me once and you can't get fooled again....." but it was fun for a bit to hear his southern drawl stammering out thoughts about the "afterlife"-that's what he calls life after Presidency.
He also says that the 8 years being in office was "awesome" because he had "fame and power." Brilliant, quotable reminiscing for the biographers Bush. But he says he's glad to be out of office now and out of the public eye because of "all the blogs nowadays" he "crawled out of the swamp." Yes, good choice. Bloggers like me are in fact out to get you and mock every malapropism you drop Georgie. So now he sees himself as out of the blogger-gater filled swamp and waiting for his "legacy to emerge." He explains that he is "fine, just fine" (said several times until the interviewer awkwardly says "you look fine") with the on-going criticism of his time in office because when history is written, he says with that trademark smirk, he "won't be around to read it." Perfect. Just fart and leave the room so the rest of us can suffer in wonder at the stench.
In hindsight, I think most of my nostalgia in watching this was really just for Will Ferrell on SNL. 
The interview goes on for an hour. He babbles and back pedals, and at one point even begins grandly referring to himself in the third person. It's all promoting a book on economic growth -- "The 4 Percent Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs" put out by the George W. Bush Institute. He wrote the foreword in it. So in closing, he is asked what he is reading right now. He laughs with that shoulder action and says he doesn't have books just an iPad. Sounds about right. That 'GDubs' I've been playing Words With Friends with kept spelling words wrong.

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