Monday, July 16, 2012

Coffee? Tea? A Needle in Your Sandwich?

Oh boy! A hidden surprise in my sandwich! Thanks Delta!(And look-she's wearing Ralph Lauren's Team USA uniform)
The jokes about airline food being horrible are endless. But it's true. On a recent 17 hour flight from JFK to Hong Kong I was served a creamy taupe mush that was absolutely unidentifiable. But news that broke today about needles being found in six different turkey sandwiches on four different Delta flights is terrifying. And when it comes to flying, I don't need anything else to be terrified about.
The FBI has opened a criminal investigation and Delta said security for it's meal production has increased since the incidents yesterday. The mouth penetrating sandwiches had been prepared by a catering company in Amsterdam called Gate Gourmet.
Apparently though, if you travel coach, you would have been safe from being orally stabbed, as the sandwiches were all served in business class. In coach, you would still have had that mystery meat creamy taupe mush. But at least it would have been needle free.
How did this happen? I can't even take a nail filer or a bottle of water on a plane and someone managed to get needles in the food? safe everyone and look out for pricks in your peanuts.

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