Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Put Your Jaws Up Little Monsters

Yesterday a man on Cape Cod was reportedly attacked by a great white shark. This is the 19th shark attack in the US this year. The attack sounds like something straight out of Jaws. The man was body boarding when the shark's dorsal fin emerged to the surface (cue the haunting theme music) as the shark allegedly headed right towards him biting both his legs.
This attack comes only a few weeks after a man kayaking in California had a great white bite into his kayak.
Terrifying. But I'm prepared. When I head to vacation on the Cape I'm sporting this awesome bathing suit. I think the sharks will appreciate it and therefore choose not to snack on my probably very yummy thighs.

Also all of this shark drama will undoubtedly boost ratings for the Discovery Channel's upcoming Shark Week.
And in case you are like me and just can't wait to stare at predatory sharks for hours in sick fascination you can watch this live SharkCam of the tank at the Georgia Aquarium from their website!

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