Monday, August 6, 2012

This is Ground Control to Curiosity: In Search of Space Oddity

The historical summer of '69 had Woodstock and the moon landing. For the summer of '12 we have a Spice Girls reunion and the Mars landing.
The Mars landing is a multi-billion dollar effort by NASA that at around 1:30am EST this morning peaked with a successful touchdown on the surface of the red planet after "7 minutes of terror" while it came careening through Mars' atmosphere in what could have been a destructive crash. This was all broadcast and celebrated. People even had parties around this and many gathered to watch the landing on the jumbo tron in Times Square. I was asleep.
The exploratory vehicle "Curiosity" will spend 2 years roving around the cold, desert surface looking for signs of intelligent life and NASA says this will hopefully pave the way for future human exploration there. Or upset the martians and cause an intergalactic war. Either way exciting times ahead.

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