Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Gold Things Must Come to an End

And with that, the 2012 Olympics come to an end. Was quite the fortnight of events and many new heroes were met and many lessons of sportsmanship in the digital age learned.
The Closing Ceremony on a whole was less of an acid trip than the Opening Ceremony but it was a constant battle between awesome and awful.
For example:
The Spice Girls zigga zig ahhh reunion performance.
Having them cruise around on the roofs of sparkly cabs. They looked so nervous with every turn.
Tribute to Freddie Mecury and Queen playing.
Jessie J (insisting on wearing sparkly flesh body suits all night) bursting in and destroying "We Will Rock You."
Awesome: Eric Idle's classic quirky comedy.
What came across as borderline offensive culture mocking with the weird splicing in of dancers from India.
There was the awesomeness of Prince Ginger Charming watching. He was borrowing his brother's wife as a date for the night. If I had known he didn't have a date I would totally have gone and kept him company......
Anyway, of course there was the completely bizarre: Russell Brand singing, the bus turning into a giant, glowing octopus, and the face sculpture of John Lennon. But overall nothing as haunting as the images I'm still in therapy for from the Opening Ceremony.
But if the preview by Brazil for the 2016 Summer Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro is any indication of what is in store for us there, plan to be confused, bored, and visually overstimulated by what looks like it will be Carnivale on crack.
In the end, London deserves to sit back tomorrow morning, relax, and enjoy a giant cup of tea because they overall pulled of a wonderful Olympics. All the athletes, who I am sure are right now drunk and using the last of those Olympic Village condoms like crazy, should feel proud of themselves-especially Team USA who dominated with a record number of medals. And now NBC will return to their mediocre programming-look they are already attempting to shove a new sitcom down our throats.

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