Friday, August 10, 2012

Inside the Actors Studio: Cheeze & Whine Edition

As an occasionally working actress I love insightful interviews from those successfully practicing their craft.
I obviously worship Meryl Streep. The Streepinator appeared on Bravo TV's booze-drenched gossip session Watch What Happens Live last night and it did not disappoint. Egged on by the mischievous brain behind those Bravolebrities, Andy Cohen, she dished on everything from her costars to her worst film moments. She even played Marry-Boff-Kill. Throughout, her great boisterous laugh made her even more endearing, and she managed to stay classy as ever. This is how it's done Lindsey Lohan and Kristen Stewart. Watch, learn, bow down before her.

Another interview of note this week is with an upcoming Shakespearean actor Venya. He's a Russian terrier, who is starring in London's Royal Shakespeare Company production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream: As You Like It." This unique take on Shakespeare's great comedy is a world premiere by Russian artist and director Dmitry Krymov. The production features on the Mechanicals, who in a theatre not yet finished being built, are rehearsing for their big performance. They are trying to be the best, but are getting increasingly nervous about presenting the story of Pyramus and Thisbe with songs to rehearse, acrobatics to master and lines to learn, and training their acrobatic dog...of course played by Venya. I think this pup will reach international stardom. Just check him out in this interview released by Royal Shakespeare.
Ok-so basically I want Streep and Venya to perform in some Shakespeare together. Perhaps Macbeth.......produced by Andy Cohen. Hey, it could happen. She did She Devil with Roseanne and spoke-sang her way through Mamma Mia, the Streep clearly doesn't think she's above anything. And that's what makes her so great.

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