Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dream Date

Oh happy day. There is a new brand of dating website. And this one will truly make your dreams come true-sort of.
You know that perfect man you have envisioned? That Disney prince, with Tom Brady arms, George Clooney smile, Joe Manganiello's abs, David Beckham eyes......well now you can frankenstein him together a la carte and then bring him to life thanks to
This website allows you to, as they claim, "build your own Christian Grey" by choosing which features — facial shape, eye color, the works — you find most attractive, and then it can match you with a real, live individual who looks like the dream guy you've created. And obviously true love would blossom.
It's important to note that is not totally shallow. After you've decided on the right look for your future husband, the website asks you a bunch of personality questions that they call "dream metrics" that will help you find the right mate in real life. 
So clearly I spent part of my morning designing my dream man. And.....apparently he looks exactly like my gay roommate. I'm concerned.
My "dream man"/gay roommate
Back to the drawing board. You can also choose from hundreds of "Everyday Matches" or "Almost Famous Faces" if you lack the creativity to build your own perfect-looking being from scratch, or accidentally create a creepy looking Law and Order: SVU mug shot dude, or are like me and accidentally create a gay man who will only be good for doing your hair and making brie puffs while singing showtunes. (I'm not being stereotypical. This is what goes on in our house.)
So go forth and waste time at your office desk creating the man of your dreams and then drool over the avatar of him and be grateful for this amazing age of technology. I don't recommend actually attempting to meet whoever the website will tell you is your perfect man-even their viral video commercial seems to imply that won't work out so great. See below.

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