Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan Out of the Political Nose

Meet the new guy: Paul Ryan. The Republican from Wisconsin was announced as Mitt Romney's running mate at the end of last week. And this is what's wrong with media. Before I knew anything about him politically, I heard that he had big baby blue eyes and hair like Eddie Munster.
But then I heard about his deep connection to Ayn Rand whose work allegedly inspired him to get into politics and I started to become concerned. He has even been quoted as saying that he gives out "Atlas Shrugged" as Christmas gifts. Actually, given the fact that he is such an Ayn Rand fan, I'm surprised he gives out Christmas gifts at all seeing as Rand's philosophy is that selfishness is a virtue and altruism and Christianity are evils. (Ryan is on record that he does not with agree with Rand's atheist beliefs, but still....)
Further research into who this man is leads me to learn things even more disturbing including his stand against gay marriage, the fact that he is extremely and proudly anti-choice, and he has an economic plan called "The Path to Prosperity" that seems to really only lead to prosperity for the already prosperous.
And then Sarah Palin endorsed him on facebook. Maybe they're hunting buddies. I saw a bunch of pictures of Ryan in camouflage holding his hunting gun and various conquests including deer and turkeys that weren't helping me like him any more.
Alright, so now we'll just wait and see how the campaign trail bromance between Romney and Ryan blossoms and where the chaos takes them. Unlike Romney, Ryan is a great public speaker who does have a likability factor (I even read he was voted "Biggest Brown Noser" in high school) so this should be interesting. Bring it with your baby blues Paul Ryan. Game on.

And side note: If actor Matthew Morrison (Glee) knows what's good for him, he'd start practicing a Paul Ryan impression for SNL.

And speaking of Ayn Rand and politics, I can't help but think of a droll and intelligent play I workshopped a while back at Where Eagles Dare Theatre by N. G. McClernan that was built around her political and socio-economic beliefs. Here's a clip from the show in which I'm also ironically channeling Sarah Palin in looks:

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