Monday, August 27, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Speed Dating

Real life is no fairy tale. And yet recently there seem to have been lots of people out there who are trying to lure us to believe otherwise. There were the ridiculous Louboutin Cinderella shoes. The website that allows you to design your own Prince Charming. And who could forget the ad for the plastic surgeons responsible for turning the Little Mermaid into a chesty tramp or that chivalrous knight riding about Canada. Fairy tales are wonderful, but I think they should probably just be left to Disney.
Case in point: a Ukrainian artist has set up a unique installation in Kiev at the National Art Museum in which five young women lay sleeping in the gallery from August 22nd- September 9th waiting to open their eyes when they are kissed by a suitor they feel a connection with. If they open their eyes, they are contractually obliged to marry the suitor who is agreed to this contract when entering the gallery as well. The suitors must be over 18 years old, not be married, and have a serious intention and sincere desire to get married. If they fit this and agree to the contract, they may enter the gallery and kiss the sleeping beauty only once on the lips.
Artist Taras Polataiko sees himself as some sort of magic matchmaker saying that he hopes his exhibit would produce a real love connection for participants and male visitors. I'm sure he envisions the suitor kissing the sleeping beauty and then whisking her off into the sunset on his unicorn.
How is this perfect true love decided? It's in his kiss. One of the "beauties" in the exhibit was quoted as saying, "If it's my true love, I will feel it on an intuitive level. Secondly, if I don't feel it, I won't open my eyes. Anything can happen in life. And suddenly it's fate. What if it's the only way I'll meet my soul mate?" Soul mate? Those are lofty expectations for a lounging lady. But if this is how we meet our soul mates, and all those fairy tales are right, I should feel no shame or worry about staying in on a Saturday night cleaning my apartment while singing to my cat about how someday my prince will come.
This Sleeping Beauty art installation is the weirdest dating set up yet. Still I can't say that I don't like the idea of just having to lay around napping looking pretty while men, who are interested and available, just come to me. Though I'll be shocked if we hear of any sort of magical happily ever afters from this interactive performance art. I'm inspired by Polataiko. I'm going to create an art installation with a frog in a gallery and see how many silly girls I can get to come and pay to kiss it and turn it into a prince. I'll make bank.

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