Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Stuff It

I've been flying around a lot this year, and we all know that air travel is just not a great situation. First there is the general fear of flying to deal with. For example- yesterday a plane had to make an emergency landing because they lost an engine. Then beyond the risk of death, there is certain risk of discomforts from bad food, cramped seats, smells, crying babies, delays....But one of the worst parts of flying is packing to fly. There are safety regulations to consider with all that bagging of your tiny amounts of liquids because obviously those of us who barely got a C in high school chemistry would be huge threats capable of turning our mouthwash, perfume, and sunscreen into bombs. There's also the worry that you will be charged extra for having too many bags or that your bag is too heavy to get on the plane. Even though I saw that plane carrying a space shuttle so I can't imagine that my over-packing will take down the plane from it being too heavy. And if you do have to check a bag, it's not irrational to spend most of the flight tense that you will arrive at your destination only to find that your luggage is in Jakarta.
Everytime I'm packing, I find myself wishing I was Merlin in Disney's "Sword in the Stone" and could just do this:

But since most of us can't work magic like Merlin, Engineer John Powers has come up with a solution to our problem-Jaktogo's wearable luggage.
Basically it's a coat or that stylish jumper for women made out of a light but strong polyester that has 14 variously-sized pockets which can carry about 30lbs of luggage and then after you board the plane with all your smuggled extra stuff, it can be folded back into a bag. If this incredibly stylish storage bag ensemble is a must have holiday item for you, it can be ordered here for a reasonable $109.99.
Seriously, someone wearing a smuggling coat doesn't look suspicious at all. Going through security x-rays will be a breeze. But if you don't get strip searched and held for questioning as a terrorist, you won't have to pay for that extra bag. 

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