Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Having Kittens Over Choupette

I love wasting time looking at cute kittens as much as the next internet prowler, but meow I'm really sick of hearing about this Choupette, le chat de Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld-who is clearly a very lonely man. Choupette is a fluffy white feline with big Zooey Deschenal-esque blue eyes. And this tail-swishing attention whore is everywhere lately.
The over-privileged life of this furball is sickening. Choupette's a total jet-setter who allegedly even gets to fly in the cockpit of Lagerfeld's plane to St. Tropez because she "likes looking at the sky." She has an ipad-I don't even have an ipad. She is surrounded by gigantic bouquets of flowers. She eats pate at the table out of designer bowls. I ate take out tonight out of the carton while sitting on the couch. She's all over fashion magazines and inspired an entire ice blue Chanel collection for the catwalk from her eyes. The glamour puss has TWO maids. Meanwhile I have to clean cat feces daily because my little princess likes to express her distaste with our poverty by "forgetting" how to use the box. Of course Choupette always looks purrfectly fluffed and groomed sitting on her embroidered pillows. Oh and you can obviously follow the cat's meow on twitter. I'm sure Choupette will even get a pair of those absurdly expensive and ridiculous SOLRepublic cat headphones to listen to Edith Piaf on. She's the Veruca Salt of cats.
I'm over her. And it's not just because I'm jealous of a cat.
Lagerfeld and Choupette even have matching fur.

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