Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Since 1st Grade Has A Bus Been So Cool

The internet is amazing. Everyday there is a new viral video floating around offering us all distraction from the work we should be doing and fodder to facebook about.
Today I came across this video-which is a commercial for the Midttrafik public buses in Denmark.
Epic, right?
It's like a sexy action film but starring over the top comedic actors. It would be like a James Bond movie starring Jason Sudakis with Kristin Wiig as a Bond girl and. It is awesome.
And more importantly, it makes public transportation look awesome.
Public transportation is something that Europeans are ahead of us with anyway. But with gas prices being what they are, doesn't it make sense? We need to start making our public transportation this great-or at least advertise it to seem this great. I dread a city bus. Why does it smell like urine? Why is it always too hot or too cold? I definitely don't look like that woman in this commercial relaxing in my seat with wind blowing in my hair. And god forbid you touch anything including the over-head rings in the bus or subway in NYC-you'll most likely contract the plague.
But this commercial makes me want to hop on a big, long one all night long. Let's get one of these made for all the US mass transportation companies so that we can be as cool and earth friendly.
As further motivation to make public transit more cool//look more cool-here's what it actually looks like in NYC. 
This dude is licking his shoe.

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