Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have a Wee Bit of Tea And Then Fire the Cat

Larry, pictured here dressed for the Royal Wedding, is no longer in the lap of luxury.
A bit of trouble across the pond today. British Prime Minister David Cameron faced a tough decision when he had to fire his pet Larry from being the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet. Larry apparently naps all the time and took six months to catch his one and only mouse while holding his position. And according to British publication The People, "the breaking point came on Thursday when the Prime Minister found Larry asleep on his chair in his Number 10 study as a mouse ran across the room."
Larry was also famously caught sleeping on the job by a photographer in June who found him in laying in the middle of Downing Street in the sun. A protective police officer then scooped him up from the street and deposited the lazy feline at Cameron's door.
The Prime Minister is trying to handle the situation with diplomacy. Although Larry will be completely sidelined from the job as they are bringing in a feisty feline Freya to do the work, they are calling it a "job share" so no feelings will be hurt.
Keep a stiff upper lip Larry, I'm sure you will land on your feet.

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