Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama Ink

The material girl is expressing herself again. This time at least it's only offensive if you happen to be a Republican and a Madonna fan.
Madonna's usual stage striptease during her performance last night at Yankee Stadium served the purpose of revealing her "Obama" tramp stamp.
She's been a vocal supporter of Obama since the 2008 election.
It is unclear whether this is permanent or painted on, but either way, leave it to Madonna to go big or go home when it comes to showing her political support.
And apparently Madge, as always, is totally vogue. I had no idea how many people out there feel the need to permanently honor the President on their bodies with a tribute tattoos.

I guess just buying an Obama sweater for your dog and plastering the bumper of your car with stickers just isn't committing to the cause enough for some people. Looks like Obama tattoos are the new Asian symbol. At least you can't go wrong with Obama and risk that what you thought meant faith actually means diseased slut.
And if body art is any prediction of how the election will go, I think Obama has it. While hundreds of Obama ink came up in my google research of this, I didn't find one person rocking a Romney tattoo.
Just this:

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