Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Future is Now. And Lobsters.

It's a new year and with the start of the new year many of us like to change things up and start anew. New clothes, new hair, new phone case......
It's 2013. It's the future. And if you don't have a smart phone, you may as well be living in 1999. And the phone itself is no longer the accessory, it's all about how you outfit that pricey little gadget. And it seems that it's go big or go home when it comes to the cell phone fashion report for 2013.

Smartphones definitely make our lives easier, like always having an extra hand.

So you can be so last year and go retro and give a shout out to the classic:
 Or go for some understated regal, sparkly bling. Very Kate Middleton.

Or just keep it classy and make your pimpin' intentions clear

But really, I think the lobster phone is where it's at for this year. It's so discreet and easy to carry. 
Yes. 2013 has arrived and in this future we will all be walking around holding a lobster to our ears. Bet Nostradamus didn't see that coming.

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  1. LOL wow I have not seen most of these phones. I love the idea of putting the iPhone into the case that looks like a huge retro phone. that'd cause some great street reactions.