Thursday, January 3, 2013

He Looka Like A Man-But Does He Looka Like a President?

The old adage tells us don't judge a book by it's cover. And that's good advice. After all, Fifty Shades of Gray has quite a boring cover.
But what about when it comes to people. Especially politicians. Does a look matter? I remember sitting in my 3rd grade classroom looking up at the pictures of all the US Presidents hanging around the perimeter of the room and thinking how much they all looked alike with their white hair and strong features. The few that varied from that look really stood out-like the young, handsome JFK. Must have been a big change for the country to have a president who was a hottie. And it's true. His debates were the first to be broadcast on television, and his rogue charm was definitely asset to him. And now, fifty years later, we have a President who will surely stand out in the collage of leaders of the free world. Though Obama still is marked with much of the same dignity, increasingly white hair, and strong features of his predecessors. But it makes you think, in another fifty years, what could our President look like. And will it matter?
You may wonder what I'm babbling about. But my mind become stuck on this earlier today when I heard about a Presidential candidate in the Czech Republic who looks anything but what we have been conditioned to see as "presidential."
This is candidate Vladimir Franz. While he has no previous political experience he is a Renaissance man who is an artist, dramatist, composer and has a doctorate in law. Oh and obviously he has tattoos covering 90% of his body.
As one of the 9 candidates, he is rising in popularity. But will his appearance change his appeal? Is it helping him because he is a stand out? Or will it hurt him because some people just can't get past appearance. But what he stands for should be all that matters right? According to the UK's DailyMail, "he's a moderate who promotes tolerance, human rights, democracy, and alternative energy."
I am interested in seeing how things go for Czech's illustrated man. And I wonder if it will help open doors around the world for us to look past appearances in making our judgements. It seems only a natural progression. I mean just think-have you seen what these crazy kids are wearing nowadays? I predict a President in our future with ear gages, tattoos, and a maybe a mohawk. In fact Mo-bama-hawk was almost a thing-remember Obama wanted a mohwak with stars to be like that cutie from NASA! I still think that would be awesome.

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