Friday, January 25, 2013

Too Cold For Murder in NYC But You Can Always Go On

Earlier this week I addressed the fact that this freezing cold weather made me just want to hibernate in my snuggie. Well apparently, I'm not the only one. Murderers feel the same way. Newsday reported that according to the NYPD, New York City went for the entire past week without any murders. Retired NYPD Det. Sgt. Joseph Giacalone, who is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was quoted as saying "The best cop I met was a female and her name was Mother Nature. The bad weather, the cold weather -- there are less people out on the streets so there is less chance of victimization." Makes perfect sense to me. Good to know that if I have to venture out into that artic I have less chance of ending up dead. Unless I slipped on the ice, hitting my head, and got rendered unconscious and left there for hours in the cold....not that I sit around worrying about crazy hypotheticals like that or anything.
But what I do worry about is online dating. Yep, I'm going to rant about that some more. Because while I'm seeing that murder is down this week due to the cold, I also read about a women who was a victim of attempted murder thanks to a meet up. She met a guy on the site, went out with him for a week, decided he wasn't the lid to her pot and broke up with him. He then broke into her house and stabbed her multiple times and then stomped on her head. When police arrived, she says "he said he wasn't there to hurt me, he was there to kill me. His intent was to kill me that night." Yikes. But pull up your blankets, because this tale gets more chilling. Somehow, after this incident this psycho was not in jail and got back onto and met up with another woman who he did kill. He then did go to jail.
Are you terrified of online dating yet? Catfishing is the least of our problems. The woman who survived that harrowing experience is understandably suing She claims that they need to put a warning on their site similar to the warning found on cigarettes. I'm all for that. But she claims that "one in five users are part of an attempted murder." One in five?! That seemed an outrageously and terrifyingly high statistic. But then I thought, just this fall a woman reported being raped by a date, and of course there was that woman who reported being matched to James Holmes, the man responsible for the Colorado movie theatre shooting last summer.
Yep, that's three huge examples of danger from Well four actually considering the man who attempted to murder that woman did actually murder another woman. So really I think it's more of only a one in five chance that you wouldn't get murdered by someone
So in conclusion, I really am just safer staying inside in my Snuggie and single. 

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