Thursday, January 24, 2013

Angry Hilary

The New York Post cover of an enraged Hilary Clinton mid-outburst during Wednesday's hearing on Benghazi just set women back about 100 years.
There are several problems here with this cover-which will by this afternoon launch thousands of "angry Hilary" memes. But the first major problem is the headline.
"No Wonder Bill's Afraid. Hillary explodes with rage at Benghazi hearing." Why is Bill afraid? Why is Bill even involved in this. With all due respect, Mr. Former President, you are inconsequential to world politics at this point. And Hilary, the now relevant Clinton, is captured here during her response to her actions as Secretary of State. So why is Bill, who was undoubtedly home eating a veggie burger and watching Honey Boo Boo, even being brought into this? And why is he afraid of Hilary? Does she yell a lot? Does she not let him check out other women? Does she make him eat all those veggies so that his heart doesn't explode? The bottom line is this headline manages to reduce a strong, successful female world leader and role model, into a stereotypical cartoon of a nagging, yelling wife. Not that it makes Bill Clinton (pictured in a inset at the bottom looking like he just got caught with his pants down) look any better-he becomes a pathetic victim of this raging women. A man who was once president, now cowering at the sound of this shrew's rants? No.
Also, the photo of a ranting Hilary does not even capture rage, it almost looks more like a child taking a temper tantrum, with her fists clenched and her mouth gaping mid-scream. And I think they purposely chose this photo for that exact reason-it takes down Hilary even more. This is not a poised leader expressing rage and standing up for her decisions, this is a woman unhinged and infantilized.
And while Hilary got intense and emotional appearing with her testimony before congress in regards to the September 2012 September terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, depicting her this way is not right and is sexist. Because Hilary is a woman, she is being depicted as this raging over-emotional bitch throwing a temper tantrum. It's propagating the idea that women get overruled by emotions hence are less competent and capable. A male, in her position, who would have responded the way Hilary did to accusations of a cover up, would not be facing this kind of media treatment. I promise you. There would not be a headline about his wife being afraid or him having "some temper." At best he'd be mockingly compared to Nikita Krushchev who slammed his shoe down on the podium in anger during the 1960 UN meeting.
But really, as ridiculous and sexist as this cover is, it's nothing new. We've seen this "angry Hilary" cover a trillion times before-complete with pathetic Bill picture insert. I hope my homegirl Hilary has kept a collection of them.

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