Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm back! After months of hiatus, I have decided that the start of the New Year is a perfect time to return to examining the cheeziness of pop culture and whining about it.
And to kick off, I would like to start off with a list of things in pop culture I think we can look to 2014 for.

1. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Already these have gained a lot of press because of Russia's anti-gay laws. So we have all that drama to look forward to in addition to the feats of athletic prowess. Considering figure skating is one of the competitions, there is no way this won't get good. Oh and remember the nightmare inducing opening ceremony in London in 2012? I'm excited.

2. Bunnies. Hear me out on this......I predict bunnies will be the new cats. They will be the pet everyone is posting about. Mark my words, 2014 will be the year of the rabbit. (Even though the Chinese say it is the year of the horse.) I know several adults who have recently acquired these little fluffernutters as pets and keep enthusiastically telling me I have to "come over and see the bunny." Bunnies will be everywhere that cats once were and be the new cute standard. We will have Batty Bunny Betties instead of Crazy Cat Ladies. Bunnies will flood youtube. Watch out.

3. Constant references to what we are doing towards creating the 2015 future that was promised to us in Back to the Future II. Hover boards, 3D animated billboards, flying cars. We have only a matter of months people. Let's get on it. 

4. 2012 was all about food porn. 2013 was the year of the selfie. What will we be snapping overshare pictures of this year? I'm scared.

5. Relationships with technology ala the movie "Her." Have you seen the previews for this? I was convinced I was watching a pardoy video. The premise of this Spike Jonze movie is that a man develops a relationship with a female voice produced by an intelligent computer operating system. So basically it is a dude who is dating Siri. This daring film which is hailing some acclaim opens the door to the closet lives of many people who feel more connected digitally than personally whether it be to other people over the internet or maybe even the internet and technology itself. And this is the 2014 future we are in. So....great. Digital boyfriends, a whole new way to end up in a dead end relationship.

6. Crazy hair and fashion. It's a free for all of anything goes. Right now you can literally shave half your head, die the other crazy long side six different colors, wear way over the top eye make up inspired by pinterest, wear huge glasses, put on Doc Martens, printed tights, a frilly 60's inspired dress, and top it off with a poncho on and you will look totally vogue. Everyone can look like they were dressed by their inner toddler. Super hero capes and shirts worn inside out....Go for it. And don't forget to instagram it.

So bring it on 2014. And keep reading this blog to hear all about it.

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