Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No McDonald's for Old Men

By now I'm sure you've heard about the war between a McDonald's in Queens and the group of walker and cane wielding old men who hang out there all day allegedly taking up seating and only ordering one small french fry to share. These men have become more persona non grata than the Hamburglar.
"It's a McDonald's not a senior center," quipped the McDonald's manager to the New York Times. There have even been multiple phone calls by the restaurant to 911, in their desperate attempt to get these customers out.
But when questioned why they come there, none of these long dwelling patrons seemed to be able to give an answer. And it's not for the Big Macs. One of the older gentlemen told the Times he doesn't even like McDonald's food.
A representative from McDonald's corporation is supposed to comment and help deal with this situation. But I think it will be hard for them to make a comment on this. They know why those old men are there. They've been marketing this for years. Check out these commercials. Case solved.

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