Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So Campy

I never went to a "normal" sleep-in-a-cabin and learn to canoe kind of camp. I spent my summers from the age of 11 through high school attending prestigious ballet intensive camps where I passed the sunny days in a dance studio in a sweaty leotard watching girls not eat for six weeks.
If I had gone to a sleep away camp in the woods, all I could have hoped was that it would have resulted in my meeting my long lost twin sister and getting into all sorts of cabin hijinks.
And while I thought those chances for summer days of adventure had passed long ago, I realized recently that it is never too late. There are many opportunities I am seeing lately for adult camps. And I can't help but be tempted to sign myself up, pack my trunk, and go!
Here is a list of some camping experiences I am thinking I may just have to go to!

1. Adult Space Camp
You build and launch a rocket, go in a space simulator, all while wearing a space suit! I'm geeking out just thinking about it. (Cost $500-600)

2. Spend a Night in the Museum of Natural History in NYC
This is a first ever event this August. The night will begin with dinner, champagne, and jazz music and then will lead to free roaming of the museum's exhibit halls and a midnight showing of a space show before you fall asleep under the big blue whale. The perfect blend of science and swankiness. (Cost $325-375)
3. Camp in a Horror Movie
Head to the woods in CT in July to go all Blair Witch Project for this one night intense interactive camp experience that will put you in the middle of a live horror story where you could be "handcuffed, moved by force, restrained, gagged, blindfolded and subjected to simulated torture." I feel like this would be either very freeing to face these fears, or I'd end up in therapy. (Cost $120-140)

4. Trade in Your Legs for a Fin at Mermaid Camp
Probably the only good thing about being 30 is that you are old enough to go to this adult camp at WeekiWachee Park in Florida and train in water ballet to be a Siren of the Deep. A true dream come true for me to finally be part of this world. (Cost $425)

5. Keep it Classic at Camp Grounded
This 70's inspired digital detox camp in CA has all the classics including campfires with s'mores, archery, star gazing, capture the flag, candlemaking and crafts, woodworking, and even talent shows. Keeping it retro, but with gourmet food and coffee and yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Only analog photography and postcards via mail are allowed. So as much as you'll want to instagram the keychain you made, it will have to wait until you come home from camp. The break from technology sounds both terrifying (especially if you are addicted like me) and amazing as it would be a true return to those simpler days. (Cost: $570)

6. Learn to Survive at Boulder Outdoor Survival School.
I am obsessed with Discovery's reality show Naked and Afraid.

I know I wouldn't last a second on that show, mostly because if I was on it, the big thing to fear would be me in a hunger rage. So maybe I'd like to spend 3-28 days at one of these camps in Utah that prepares you with major survivalist skills, you case I am ever marooned on a desert island. (Cost: Varies)

 So as you can see, with adult camp choices like these, this summer is looking like it could be the best yet.

*Some additional considerations included:
Wine Camp in Virginia or Napa
Zombie Survival Camp in New Jersey
or be able to constantly casually bring up that "One time at bandcamp" by going to Adult Band Camp

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