Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You're Gonna Have To Face It You're Addicted

There's a new app that will confirm exactly how much of your life is wasted staring at your cell phone.
The free app called "Moment" monitors your daily cell phone usage and has features that allow you to set limits and reminders when you are approaching those limits.
The app's designer, Kevin Holesh, said he created the app after realizing he "had a serious problem" with cell phone addiction.
We all do. In 2013, the annual Internet Trends report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers reported the average smart phone user checks their phone 150 times per day. And during peak time, which is 5-8pm, people checked their phone once every 6 or 7 seconds. Well, you got to see who clicked like on that sexy instagram pic of your dinner.
So today, in preparation for writing this, I tried to keep track of the number of times I looked at my phone and I lost count it was so insanely frequent.
I honestly don't think I could handle finding out the exact amount. Nor would I take kindly to an annoying alarm going off on my phone when I am using it too much. I know I have a problem. I don't need an app to tell me that. And, lucky for me, since I have an Android, this app is not even available for my phone yet. So I can continue to exist in blissful ignorance and denial.
Despite being totally addicted, I often find myself thinking about how I would live without a smart phone. How would I know where to go? How would I amuse myself when I'm bored? How would I settle an argument with friends without Google to prove my point? How would I even find my friends? I am pretty convinced without a smart phone I'd be a shut in or laying dead and lost in a gutter.
This reminds me of how my friend's android cell phone came with a bizarre default setting that when she went to wake it up, the home screen said "Life Companion" and we used to make fun of her for that. But really calling it a "Life Companion" is the cold hard truth. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without my phone. Our phones go places with us that you wouldn't even want another human-like the bathroom. Face it, we are all Linus and our cell phones are our blankets.

Also, it must be said that post comes on the heels of another recent post about a deadly disaster in China that occurred when people tried to help a woman rescue her cell phone from a cesspool.
We need help. Or blankets.

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