Monday, July 22, 2013

Paint the Town Blue

Yep. It's a boy for Kate Middleton-who even super pregnant just looked like I do after eating a big lunch.
We do not know the name yet of the young prince, but all of London will celebrate by painting the town blue-literally-the fountains will have blue dyed water, iconic buildings will be lit in blue, and there will be blue fireworks. And across the pond, baby Blue Ivy will turn green with envy. Also, tomorrow there is to be the traditional multi-gun salute at Buckingham Palace. You know, all the usual pomp and circumstance.
I am not baby crazy so I am not dying to see this little nugget, but I'm sure he is a puckered up ball of sweetness that all the world will be gushing over. Brace yourselves, world. You'll be able to smell the baby powder and hear the oohs and ahhs across the miles.
But I will raise my Pimm's to the royal family tonight.

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