Monday, July 22, 2013

Investment Banker Needed A Bailout

In other news beside the birth of the royal baby, an investment banker in NYC attempted to end his life because of a dispute with his neighbors over his royal babies-his three French poodles, Prince Polo, Princess Jasmine and Prince Bonbon. Yep, Prince Bonbon.

Allegedly, Adam Silberman has had an on-going dispute over his rambunctious, royal ruff-ians with his co-op board in his Upper East Side building and things seemed to escalate yesterday when he dramatically hurled himself out the window of his 7th floor apartment. It was also reported in the New York Post that not only was he barking mad at his neighbors, but he and his wife owed upwards of $600,000 in back taxes, and there was "crack paraphernalia" found by authorities in his apartment.
But unfortunately for Mr. Silberman, suicide proved to be yet another failure. In his plunge to the pavement, his body hit an awning on the 2nd floor which broke his fall causing him to survive and not end up a poodle on the pavement. He is currently at Weill Cornell Medical Center with broken bones and a badly bruised ego. Though I'm sure his precious poodles are happy he survived.

Failure at suicide or winner at life?

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