Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What a CROC

To work in marketing is an amazing power. You control the minds of the masses.
Advertising has made us think we need all sorts of things:
Suzanne Somers.
Now while the clapper and it's earworm jingle (you are welcome) played into our desire to be so lazy that we don't want to get up to turn off a freakin' light a foot away, the other two examples above show how cunning advertising execs know the sure way to our wallets is to sell with sex.
Think about it, for years, a camel-the least sexy animal ever-made the death sentence of smoking look so cool and sexy. A camel.
That is marketing genuis.
Well, prepare yourself because that same tactic which appeals to your weak sexy senses while destroying any common sense you have is used in this commercial from the UK.

Are you desperate for a pair of those incredibly ridiculous CROCS now? Bet you never thought the day would come when CROCS and sex made it into the same scenerio. But now that they have, you are strangely intrigued, aren't you?
I typed in "sexy CROC shoes" to google image search and this came up. Cats do make things more appealing.

Whoever came up with this "Slip Off Slip In" CROC ad campaign is enjoying their incredible bonus check lounging on a beach chair on the French Riviera.
I also enjoy that this ad implies that non-CROC shoes are a real danger during foreplay. I couldn't help but think how Tai from Clueless would totally agree seeing as right after doing these sweet moves she took a hit to the head and was knocked unconscious from a rogue clog shoe.

So let's remind ourselves that CROCS are not, nor will they ever, be sexy or stylish, and those mogul monsters in marketing should stop trying to prey upon us pathetic sex crazed humans. But I guess now we all should be prepared for the potential to see some CROCS in da club.

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