Monday, May 13, 2013

No Shame in the Flight to Fame

An American Airlines flight from LA to NYC had to take an emergency landing in Kansas City last week because a female passenger on board was relentlessly belting out Whitney Houston songs. This is  an actual news story.
And of course there's a video of the woman, still singing, being led in handcuffs off the plane by air marshals.
Maybe the legendary "I Will Always Love You" had become an ear worm to her and the only way she thought she could make it stop was to get it out, have that worm crawl into someone else's ear. We've all been there. I am ashamed to admit that I recently had Taylor Swift's little diddy "22" slithering through my brain and in a moment of quiet found myself singing it. And then, not only was I sad that I had that song stuck me in my head, but that I am so far past 22. So I ended up eating a pint of ice cream for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon researching wrinkle creams and pricing botox.
Anyway, the point is. How and why did this woman on the American Airlines flight get to the point where she needed to be busting out into the epic ballads of the great songstress Whitney Houston. Maybe she is a stifled aspiring singer who just couldn't resist the chance to perform with a captive audience. Though my guess is she took some medication and a drink (or six) to relax before the flight and had a Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids kind of flip out.
I've been there too.......
But really, this erratic behavior seems to be happening more frequently in public places and I don't think that drug and alcohol abuse are always to blame for the loss of inhibitions. I think that the desire for fame is. Doing something bizarre or crazy used to end up with you just being fined, being sent to a psych evaluation, and being labeled the local whack-a-doo. Now, you do something like belt Whitney Houston's greatest hits during a six hour flight and you are a legend. You go from being a nobody to coming up in a google search with Whitney Houston and starring in a youtube video with a million hits.
Fame is within our grasps. All we have to do is bust out our inner crazy and make bad choices.
Don't believe me? Ask this golden nugget who just dropped a new single:
So in conclusion. I'm clearly doing it wrong. All those years studying dance and theatre to hone a craft and be accomplished were wasted. I should have just grabbed a bathing cap, a box of Mr. Bubbles, and my rubber ducky and had bath time in the Pulitzer Fountain singing "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair." I'd be an internet sensation with next step Broadway and a star in the Walk of Shame.
How could I have been so stupid?

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