Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can't Take It Anymore

Maybe it's spring fever, but it seems that everyone is flipping out. Amanda Bynes is the poster child for a time of a mass decent into madness-and I'm worried for myself. While the cause and issues behind poor Amanda Bynes downward spiral are, as yet, unknown, the inciting incident for others is a specific, solitary moment-like a cheese craving-where they just snap and it all leads to headlines like these:

"Mother Has Son Arrested for Stealing Her Pop Tarts"
A woman in Charlotte, NC had her 13 year old son arrested for taking her Pop Tarts from her home without asking first.

"Couple Stab Each Other Over American Idol Finale"
Police arrived to find a Pennsylvania couple bloody and arguing on their front porch after they got into a knife fight and begin stabbing each other over a disagreement as to who should have won the American Idol finale. They had allegedly also been drinking all day, presumably pre-gaming for the big television event.

"Woman Bites Husband's Penis Because He Made Her Leave Rodeo"
A woman in California really didn't want to leave the rodeo, and when her husband and ex-husband (who, for some reason, lives with the couple) tried to get her to leave, she lashed out and bit her husband's baby maker. 

And my personal favorite----

"Woman Busted for Trying to Poison Family With Tainted Cheese"
A woman in North Carolina was outraged that one of her family members wouldn't share their tasty night cheese with her, so the next day she woke up early and mixed window cleaner, detergent, and household cleaner into the cheese and then served it to five of her family members for breakfast. They smelled the suspicious stinky cheese and called the cops and she is now facing five counts of attempted 1st degree murder.

Now as crazy as these incidents seem, we've all been there. Don't deny it. You know that "I can't take it anymore!" feeling all too well. Like when you just can't beat the level of Candy Crush you've been working on for days? Or when you get into the shower only to realize everyone else in your house has already been in there and have used all the hot water and left the cap off your shampoo making it a watered down useless mess? Or being in line at Starbucks, the smell of coffee fueling your desperate caffeine craving, babies are crying, and you stand unmoving in the crowded queue watching as your favorite low-fat banana chocolate chip loaves sell out before you get to the front of the line? It's that fleeting moment when you can understand murderous rage. But the only difference between your bad day and the people in these headlines is that you are able to talk yourself down. But what if one day the crazy out-weighs logic and morals and you find yourself flying off the handle over having to leave the rodeo? I guess this is why yoga is important
I have always been a bit hot tempered. As a teenager, my younger brother used to call me Katie Kaboom-the volatile character from the brilliant Animaniacs cartoon due to my ability to come completely and loudly unhinged over almost anything. I have learned a lot about inner peace and developed more coping mechanisms since my hormonal teenage girl days, which should hopefully continue to protect me from becoming a headline the next time I get mad.
Keep calm and carry on and always smell your cheese if you refuse to share.

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