Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fired Up

What the hell is this?
This is "The Ex," (renamed "Alexa" this week after backlash)  a busty shooting target dummy which will bleed created by Zombie Industries. She debuted at the NRA convention in Houston last weekend.
But don't worry, Roger Davis, the marketing director for the company, said, "The intention of the company was never to discriminate against women or promote violence against women."
Oh good, I feel so much better knowing that they didn't intend to promote violence against women with this life size Barbie target. I'm supposed to believe the implications of vengeful violence against women were an accident. Just like shooting someone with a speciality shotgun round 40+ times would be an accident. Really why not go the distance and manufacture this dummy as a two-fer that actually doubles as a sex doll that you then shoot after using. I'm sure that would be a big hit with the demographic they "accidentally" marketed to with this "Ex"-who apparently comes in customizable hair colors and with accessories like jaunty hats.
I don't want to jump into a gun rights debate here, but to me, this is beyond just gun rights. This is offensive and terrifying. And I would suggest a background check for anyone who would buy "Alexa."

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