Monday, April 1, 2013

I Heart NY Art

NYC is a cultural mecca filled with art and surprises around every street corner. That's what I love about it.
Yes, seeing things like this on a daily basis really keeps you inspired.
And right now the city has an offering of truly unique art to experience.
First we have Academy Award nominee turn art object Tilda Swinton at the Museum of Modern Art. She arrives when she wants, unannounced, and enters a glass box to nap. That's it. That's the whole exhibit. Watch Tilda nap. Maybe. You don't know until after you've paid your over-priced admission fee if she feels like showing up and napping. So avant garde.
Wonder what happens if you kiss this androgynous sleeping beauty? (Remember that speed dating art installation in Kiev?)

Next we have the New Museum which has brought it's newest exhibit "Recalling 1993" to every street corner in the city transforming pay phones-which really at this point are practically museum relics-into audio exhibits with never-before told stories and memories from that neighborhood in 1993. So go travel throughout the city on a scavenger hunt for rusted pay phones to hear about events including the World Trade Center bombing, the club kids culture at Limelight in Chelsea, and the opening of Tony Kushner's "Angels in America" in Midtown. You can even hear an account of  Times Square from late night tv personality and sexpert Robin Byrd. This just all confirms that the 90's are so hot right now-from fashion to music to stuff-it seems we are all trying to relive that dream of the 90's. So to experience this art, just pick up any pay phone and dial 1-855-FOR-1993. I would also make sure you have some Purell if you are going to be handling those phones. But there is something so nostalgically awesome about using one of those things again. Oh and in case you are wondering, you won't need a dime to call 1993.

And finally, the "piece de resistance" in the NYC arts scene. Former President George W. Bush's gallery premiere last night of his paintings of puppies at the Gagosian Gallery on Madison Ave. 

Ok....that last one is an April Fool's joke. But for a second you believed it because it's as plausible as pay phones being time capsule art or paying to see someone take a nap. 
I think we've entered a new period in art. I like to call it the Post-Instagram era where anything is a filter away from being art. 

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